Dry Aging is EASY (if you have the right gear!)

Wait, that dry aged cut costs HOW MUCH?!?!

I'll admit, I've spent more than what I should have paid for steaks on multiple occasions. But dry aged beef is downright special. Amazing tenderness, deep and rich flavor and oh god its 45.99 a lb. Where do these prices even come from?




Time is expensive. So is quality meat. So, with a little help from a dry aging bag designed to work in your home fridge, you can get that expensive, exquisite cut of ribeye (or whatever cut you want) right at home for the cost of just the cut. Here's how:

Want a visual guide? Watch the video!

    @grillslingers Dry aged ribeyes steaks for 45 days. The explosion of flavor is unreal! #bbq #steaktiktok #foodtiktok #dryaged #dryagedsteak #45dayaged #ribeyes ♬ RATTLE MY CAGE - ROBERT HRYNIEWICKI
    Gear Needed 
    • Umai Dry Aging Bags (Ribeye Roll Pack)
    • Vaccum Sealer (Foodsaver or like type)
    • Full Ribeye Roast (4-6 bone recommended)


    • Wear gloves while handling meat in packaging
    • Remove steak from retail packaging and set aside
    • Prep dry bag per instructions, being careful to not get any cuts or crinkles in the bag
    • Allow steaks to dry age from 28 days up to 45. Umai recommends 28 days.
    • When ready for removal, remove dry bag and discard.
    • Trim away all of the pelicle (the dry dark parts) and then portion into steaks
    • Prep and cook the way you prefer. These do well in cast iron, sous vide or even reverse seared with smoke! Just don't cook it well done. We'll find you.

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