Glazed Chuck Roast that SLAPS!



That counts as tenderizing, right?




In all seriousness, chuck roast is a hidden gem in the BBQ world. It usually gets turned into pot roast or ground up for burgers, but a properly smoked chuck roast can rival brisket if done correctly (which we always do correctly).

Want a visual guide? Watch the video!

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    Gear Needed 
    • 3-4lb chuck roast
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Hot honey
    • BBQ Sauce
    • Beef Rub (we used our Cali Gold)


    • Remove chuck roast form packaging (super important)
    • Give it a little smack, just so it knows you're there
    • Preheat your smoker for 250 degrees
    • Season liberally with your favorite beef rub (or our Cali Gold rub)
    • Place in smoker and cook until bark begins to set, usually in about 1-2hours
    • Mix in a 1-1-1 ratio ACV, Hot Honey & BBQ Sauce, then baste onto roast
    • Finish cooking roast till an internal temp of 204 or until probe tender, basting more as you go to your preference
    • Slice & enjoy!

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