Now THIS is the BEST Burger Blend!


Is that still copywrited? Whatever, I'm gonna send it anyway. I've always been a huge fan of burgers. Living in Southern California, it's a way of life. Now, that doesn't mean that all burgers are created equal (I'm looking at you In N' Out). 

Plain chuck is boring. I like to tinker with different beef blends for my patties, and I think this was the best one so far. Maybe we'll do a taste test down the road to see how they stack up. Send us a message if you have any ideas.

Want to see the details? Watch the video!



  • Meat Grinder (or attachment)
  • Heat
  • Whatever else you want


  • 1lb chuck roast
  • 1lb short rib (english cut, bone removed)
  • 1lb sirloin cap (or picanha, coulette)


  1. Best to have beef at refrigerator temp, then add to freezer for 30 min to firm up
  2. With grinder on low speed, grind all beef and combine/mix in a bowl, then pass through again on low speed
  3. Form into patties (Video used about 6lbs total, 1lb each patty but would recommend smaller), then place in parchment paper and back to freezer for 30min prior to cooking


For toppings, we did a simple caramelized onion, muenster cheese and mayo on a brioche bun. Feel free to top with your choice but stay simple if you're using flavorful cuts of beef: let it stand out!

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