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Pumpkin Spice Punch
This is for all of the Pumpkin Spice lovers out there. This pumpkin spice party punch is pretty great. Now go make it yourself.
3 Fancy Drinks You Can Make at Home!
We cover the classic Manhattan, the French 75, and the Brazilian Caipirinha. Check out our other date night episodes where we make side dishes to pair with the best date night steak!
Have You Tried a MEZCAL Margarita?!?
We love a little spice in life.... so why not in one of our drinks!? With this drink we not only made it spicy but we added some Mezcal to give it some of that smokey flavor too. If you like a little heat and enjoy a margarita... this is a drink for you!
Perfect summertime drink | Citrus Rosemary Spritzer
Local gin, fresh rosemary and citrus come together to make a perfect compliment for roasted chicken, salmon or really whatever you want! Perfect as a single cocktail or prepared in a pitcher, you'll be set to chill all summer long.
Smoked Maple Old Fashioned
This is our Smoked Maple Old Fashioned. It's delicious, smoky and goes down smooth. We use the smoker and a woodchip to give us that smoke flavor and use maple syrup in place of sugar or simple syrup. If you're a whiskey lover, this is definitely a drink you should try!
Refreshing Whisky Mule // The Cali Mule
It's very refreshing with loads of citrus and just the right amount of ginger beer, perfect for summer. The Kentucky Mule is a classic cocktail that's been around since the 1940's. This is our West coast take on a mule that includes some citrus, like oranges, similar to margaritas that are very popular on the West coast. This is a great summer drink that goes well with any outdoor or backyard event and is great with BBQ!