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The Almighty GCBS (Green Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich)
HOLD UP. CHORIZO ISNT GREEN So let's back up a second. Chorizo is typically a red sausage that is either dried and sliced (see Spanish Chorizo) or crumbled and pan fried (see Mexican Chorizo), but green chorizo is actually a thing. In...
Glazed Chuck Roast that SLAPS!
SLAPPING IS THE BEST MEAT PREP   That counts as tenderizing, right?   ...right?   In all seriousness, chuck roast is a hidden gem in the BBQ world. It usually gets turned into pot roast or ground up for burgers,...
Dry Aging is EASY (if you have the right gear!)
Wait, that dry aged cut costs HOW MUCH?!?! I'll admit, I've spent more than what I should have paid for steaks on multiple occasions. But dry aged beef is downright special. Amazing tenderness, deep and rich flavor and oh god its...
Now THIS is the BEST Burger Blend!
WHERE'S THE BEEF? Is that still copywrited? Whatever, I'm gonna send it anyway. I've always been a huge fan of burgers. Living in Southern California, it's a way of life. Now, that doesn't mean that all burgers are created equal...
Is Al Pastor Possible on a Smoker?
Hey, that's not a real Al Pastor!!! Yes, we're very aware. This is a fairly large departure from the norm, but we're using all the classic flavors and getting that smoke in there however we can!!! Want to see the...
Salmon, HOT & FAST or LOW & SLOW?
What's the best way to smoke salmon??? One of the best things about salmon is the multitude of flavors it takes on, but does the way you cook it actually make a difference? We took the two most common ways...
COLD SMOKED Cheese Makes the BEST Grilled Cheese!
Cold smoked cheese is an absolute BANGER and doesn't get enough love, especially when its easy to do at home. But if you're not in the mood to wait 2 weeks to do it the old fashioned way, we figured...
Dry Aged is just BETTER! Dry Aged Tri Tip!
Dry Aged Beef!!! If you don't know about this amazing way to add tons of flavor to your favorite steak, then you're missing out! I used to go to my local butcher shop and spend way to much money on...
Tri Tip Corned Beef, Can It Be Done?
Well, we decided to go full send on a recipe we hadn't tried before. How could that go poorly? This one went PERFECT! Tri tip picks up a ton of flavor from the brine that we prepped up, so check...
Smoked & Fried Oysters?!? WHAT?!?
Why pick one or the other, when you can have it both ways? We smoked some shucked oysters, then battered and fried them to golden perfection. Full of salty briny goodness and even with some sauces to boot! Want to...
What's the BEST way to cook TRI-TIP?
We decided to circle back on the first video we ever did... Tri Tip! Its a west coast classic that can be prepared in a multitude of ways, so why not put two of them to the test! 
This is How We Smoke Swordfish

Swordfish is one of our favorite sea meats!

Like all things... we find a way to do it our way. Smoked swordfish is the best! This is our favorite way to make it. Highly recommend.

The ULTIMATE Guilty Pleasure Burger
We love this as hangover food to bring in the new year with or even just a breakfast burger. So much grease. So messy. Just the way we like it.
The BEST Way to SMOKE a Prime Rib + Make CREAMY, LUSCIOUS Egg Nog Custard Pie
Christmas is that time of year that we spend time sharing with friends and family. Prime Rib is always a winner, add a delicious desert like eggnog custard pie and you'll have a meal that everyone will love.
We put BBQ in Authentic Tamales!
Tamales are something that gets done regularly during Christmas time... But they're great any time of year. This is our take on Natalie's family recipe.
How to Make Smoked Beef Jerky - Three Ways!
Here's three ways to make beef jerky with some crazy flavor and great, tender bites. We made three styles for you, but the options are endless! 
Theme Park TURKEY Legs at Home!
Here's a quick and simple way to smoke turkey legs!  
We did WHAT to a Turkey?!? Turkey Porchetta!
Porchetta is typically done with pork with a crispy skin, but you can dress your turkey in a very similar manner with great results!
Is Double Smoked Ham Worth It?
This is our way of taking a normal, boring, store bought ham and add a little extra somethin' to it. This is a super simple way to take your ham to the next level. 
We Made A Foot Shaped MEATLOAF On Our Smoker! FOOTLOAF
Warning this may spook the ghosts and goblins! If you dare make it, you won't be disappointed, it was delicious!
Anaheim (Philly) Cheesesteak Sandwich
Its possible to make a restaurant quality cheesesteak at home! Eric shares where he gets the most important ingredient, the thinly sliced meat!