The best way to cook TRI TIP!! Low and Slow

Here at Grillslingers we like to call this "Brisket Jr."

This is by FAR our favorite way to cook Tri Tip. Most people cook this like a steak but we love cooking this low and slow like a brisket. This is great to do on any kind of smoker from a pellet smoker to an offset smoker.

We hope you have a chance to try this Tri Tip recipe out!

Want a visual guide? Watch the video!


  • Tri Tip from your local meat dealer
  • Our seasoning because we're better than the grocery store
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Fire Up the Smoker!

Set smoker to 250° indirect heat, how you do this will depend on your model of grill.

Trim the Fat

Trim fat side of tri tip to 1/4in thickness, being sure to remove any hard deposits or stringy fat along the long edge

Remove Excess Fat

Flip over and remove any excess fat and silverskin off the lean side. Remove the skinny tip of the roast by cuting 1-1.5in back.


Season generously with rub of choice, holding shaker/jar at least 8in above meat for more even coverage.

Let it Relax

Once rub is applied, let meat sit at room temp for 15-30min

Smoke it!

Place meat in the smoker with the fat side facing the heat source and close lid. Using a remote thermometer or instant read, smoke roast until meat reaches 201° at the thickest point.

Pull Out ;)

Remove roast and place on carving board. Tent with foil and let rest for 15-30min.

Cut it Up!

Slice against the grain in ¼-½ slices and serve.

**If you want to wrap with butcher paper, wrap once roast has hit an internal temperature of 160. Do not wrap in foil, this will draw excess moisture from the roast and result in a dry roast.

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