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Cookies on a PELLET GRILL?!?
We've got three different kinds, chocolate chunk, white chocolate pistachio and... the garbage cookie. These are good anytime of year but here we made some for Santa. 
The BEST Way to SMOKE a Prime Rib + Make CREAMY, LUSCIOUS Egg Nog Custard Pie
Christmas is that time of year that we spend time sharing with friends and family. Prime Rib is always a winner, add a delicious desert like eggnog custard pie and you'll have a meal that everyone will love.
We put BBQ in Authentic Tamales!
Tamales are something that gets done regularly during Christmas time... But they're great any time of year. This is our take on Natalie's family recipe.
How to Make Smoked Beef Jerky - Three Ways!
Here's three ways to make beef jerky with some crazy flavor and great, tender bites. We made three styles for you, but the options are endless! 
Theme Park TURKEY Legs at Home!
Here's a quick and simple way to smoke turkey legs!  
We did WHAT to a Turkey?!? Turkey Porchetta!
Porchetta is typically done with pork with a crispy skin, but you can dress your turkey in a very similar manner with great results!
Is Double Smoked Ham Worth It?
This is our way of taking a normal, boring, store bought ham and add a little extra somethin' to it. This is a super simple way to take your ham to the next level. 
Pumpkin Spice Punch
This is for all of the Pumpkin Spice lovers out there. This pumpkin spice party punch is pretty great. Now go make it yourself.
We Made A Foot Shaped MEATLOAF On Our Smoker! FOOTLOAF
Warning this may spook the ghosts and goblins! If you dare make it, you won't be disappointed, it was delicious!
Anaheim (Philly) Cheesesteak Sandwich
Its possible to make a restaurant quality cheesesteak at home! Eric shares where he gets the most important ingredient, the thinly sliced meat! 
The MOST IMPORTANT Tools For Every Backyard BBQ Pro!
We're going over the star grills and tools of Grillslingers, perfect gift guide for the BBQ enthusiast.
Bacon Dirty Rice
That's right we're making dirty rice but its not your typical recipe. We’re making BACON dirty rice, where bacon is the star of this dish. Alongside the bold spices and veggies it's a well rounded dish packed with lots of flavor!
Reverse Seared Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon!
Look, we'll be honest here. We're usually ribeye folks. But that doesn't mean we can't branch out a little bit here and there. Filet mignon is usually thought of as super tender but not a lot of flavor. Well, what better way to prove that wrong than on date night?
Classic Steak Dinner Sides | Confit Potatoes and Creamed Spinach
Confit potatoes and creamed spinach are two all time classics that can be done in a variety of ways, but here's our favorites.
3 Fancy Drinks You Can Make at Home!
We cover the classic Manhattan, the French 75, and the Brazilian Caipirinha. Check out our other date night episodes where we make side dishes to pair with the best date night steak!
Juicy and Tender Lamb T-Bone Steaks
We just took them to the next level by cold smoking them for flavor, using the sous vide to bring them to temp, and then searing them in cast iron. Give this one a try!

 Who decided this was a good idea? Well, that would be Eric. Because Richie mentioned it enough times. If you aren't familiar, Kamayan is a Filipino feast style presentation where everything is laid out on a table with all the fixins and sides together. You then share this with your family and guests and everyone gets to have a little bit of everything. We were inspired by that and now present to you, MEATFEST. 

The BEST Pulled Pork Sandwich - SMOKED PORK BUTT
Is there really anything better than a pulled pork sandwich? Sure, its a straight forward endeavor but when everything hits right, its damn hard to beat. We paired this with the Jalapeno slaw recipe and a crazy good margarita, but you can dress it up however you want. 
Coleslaw with a kick | Jalapeno Coleslaw
Average coleslaw is boring. We get it, its almost always mushy and overly sweet. Forget that noise, we're gonna do it justice! And it makes a perfect compliment to a pulled pork sandwich! 
Homemade BBQ Sauce - Better Than Store-bought!
Admittedly, we're not huge sauce fans. Meat should be good enough to speak for itself. But hey, sometimes you just need it. We scratched up this recipe as a sauce for our pulled pork sandwich but by golly it works great on everything! Sweet, savory, tangy and a lil heat, its a perfect go-to sauce that doesn't take much work! 
Have You Tried a MEZCAL Margarita?!?
We love a little spice in life.... so why not in one of our drinks!? With this drink we not only made it spicy but we added some Mezcal to give it some of that smokey flavor too. If you like a little heat and enjoy a margarita... this is a drink for you!